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  • During the development and operation of the website, you will often hear from CMS. However, in fact, few people understand what CMS means.

  • This article will explain the basics of CMS as well as introduce you to its advantages and disadvantages and the current popular CMS.



What is CMS

CMS is an acronym for Content ManagementSystem, or a content management system that aims to help easily manage and edit content. The content here can be electronic news, newspapers or video and video media

The system helps to save management time, operation and maintenance costs so now there are many companies use. Not only the company but also personal blogs are also born with a small number.

And they choose this solution to easily build websites and manage content. Besides, it also saves website construction costs


_ A CMS or content management system used to control and edit content. Content includes electronic files, images, videos, audio files, electronic documents and web documents.


  • CMS is where all the people in charge relate to the features of the Website must use. When it comes to CMS you can understand it as the admin part (admin) of a Website. Where to manage all your Website data. 

Main function

  • Create, store content
  • Edit content

  • Move in and share content

  • Search and decentralize users

1: Do you wonder why using CMS? The simplest reason is community and construction costs are relatively smaller than sitting from scratch. Talking about community, this is a very strong point that CMS has.


What is the most powerful CMS today?

Above I listed some of the most popular CMS, but the most powerful one is still WordPress. It is most powerful not because of its features but its popularity. Previously it was created with the aim of making simple websites such as company introduction pages, personal blog pages, …

_ A content site management system designed to run on the foundation of a public website. It allows administrators to edit content through an admin panel that will then display on the website.

_ Overall content management systems control and allow administrators to manage workflows and business processes


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