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Digital Transformation Trends – ERP Implementation 2021

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In the 4.0 era, an inflexible ERP system will be a wall to hinder the process of enterprise digital transformation. Therefore, ERP software not only needs to keep up with the latest trends but also be relevant and bring added benefits to users.
In this context, the application of the overall enterprise management solution ERP is an inevitable trend of every business unit. With the ability to “pack” diverse solutions into a common system, ERP  is a means for businesses to break out of the backwardness and make good use of market fluctuations to have a breakthrough in results. business.

Benefits of business digital transformation

Digital transformation is changing the way an organization operates. Work processes and corporate culture are assessed in detail. This transformation positively impacts every level of the organization and brings together data across multiple domains to make workflow more efficient.

Enhance data collection

Most businesses have a rich customer data system but do not know how to effectively exploit this data source to promote business development. Digital transformation allows creating a system that can collect the right data and combine the data in a reasonable way to serve the needs of the business.
The system allows functional units in an organization to track insights across various touchpoints from raw data. In this way, it creates a consistent view of the customer journey, production process, financial situation and business opportunities.

Manage enterprise resources more efficiently

Instead of dispersing software and databases, digital transformation brings together all of a company’s resources in one place. This helps deliver a more consistent experience across the business.

Discover customer insights through data

Data is the key to unlocking customer insights. Through understanding customers and their needs, businesses know how to create an effective customer-centric business strategy. Insights including structured data (personal customer information) and unstructured data, such as social media metrics, can help drive business growth.

Create a better customer experience

Optimal customer experience is always a big challenge for many businesses. They always ask for a service where they have many choices. Low price and fast delivery. According to a Gartner report, more than two-thirds of businesses say they are competing primarily on customer experience. Because of this, many businesses have turned to digital transformation to enhance their competitive advantage.

Improve collaboration through enterprise digital transformation

By providing team members with the right tools for their environment. Enterprise digital transformation encourages a digital culture.
More than just an easy means for members to collaborate with each other. Enterprise digital transformation also drives the entire organization towards digitizing everything. It forces members of the organization to upskill. Learn more to take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation.

Improve productivity

By automating repetitive processes and integrating the data of the entire organization. Digital transformation gives organization members more power to work more efficiently.

The importance of Enterprise Digital Transformation – ERP

ERP is a global solution that supports businesses to closely manage and solve most of the problems that businesses are still facing. Therefore, when applying ERP, leaders should carefully consider and research this solution. Especially when the trend of ERP implementation is growing more and more.


Around the 2000s, the implementation of  ERP  was very limited. Enterprises applying ERP at that time were usually large enterprises. Having an investment capital that meets the conditions. Small and medium enterprises still follow the old management method. Until the last few years, the development speed of information technology increased sharply. ERP vendors are also starting to move towards lean solutions. More mobile to suit the 4.0 era and businesses with low capital.

3 trends of enterprise digital transformation – implementing ERP 2024

If the business has never applied ERP. It is extremely necessary to grasp the trend of implementation of ERP 2021 . It not only helps businesses keep up with the times, but also helps businesses anticipate trends to have more appropriate implementation strategies.

Deployment trend Traditional ERP to cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is not exactly a new trend in 2024, but considering the number of businesses that have been deployed, it can be considered that cloud ERP is not completely popular in our country. Currently, most small and medium enterprises prefer to choose cloud solutions when they want to deploy ERP software, making SaaS ERP gradually gaining a foothold in the market.
In the past, ERP On-Premise was almost the only solution. The data is stored on the physical server of the enterprise. This leads to costs such as server rental costs, IT personnel costs, etc. cause costs. That is also the reason why small and medium enterprises hardly have access to this solution.

Trends of application of AI and other technologies in ERP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps ERP solutions have built-in features. Users can use data and analyze information more easily. AI and smart technologies also help control the workflow. Automatically find errors, shorten information processing time. Automate most complex processes. As a result, the software helps to free up time and save businesses’ efforts. Employees can use the time saved on other jobs that bring more value.

Real-time telemetry usage trends

Small and medium enterprises always have a certain flexibility, especially in the 4.0 era, where mobility is more appreciated and prioritized than before. Therefore, the deployment trend of ERP 2024 will continue to be popular when deploying ERP solutions on multi-devices, platforms and operating systems. Besides, effective business decisions often stem from accurate and timely information. Therefore, an ERP system with the ability to update and synchronize data from relevant departments in real time will definitely bring more efficiency in business management.


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