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HRM software

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Phần mềm HRM

Concept of HRM . Software

HRM  stands for the phrase  “Human Resource Management” meaning Human Resource Management. From the perspective of specific tasks, human resource management is all the activities of an organization to attract, build, develop, utilize, evaluate and retain a suitable workforce. organization’s work requirements both in terms of quantity and quality.

HRM is recognized as one of the important and central stages in the establishment, maintenance and development of a business, indirectly finding and applying the best methods to contribute to the organization’s goals through through the development of human talents.

More and more businesses are applying software to help reduce the workload of human resource management. So, what features does HRM software basically include, why is it important to use the software and how can businesses choose quality HRM software?

What is HRM software?

HRM software (Human Resource Management software) is human resource software designed to manage, optimize and support HR related tasks. This software helps employees and managers bring out their full potential in their work. At the same time, based on the results of HRM software, businesses will also know whether to continue or change the new direction.

HRM HR management software: V-HRM

1: You have no control over the time, the employee’s work sense due to regulations, company rules are not standardized.

2: You can’t control the progress of your employees’ work due to the lack of support tools.

3: Sometimes You feel anxious, even helpless with the errors and delays of staff in the timekeeping, payroll.

4: You do not know how or even bewildered in promoting and engaging employees in the Company.

5: You do not have to report an immediate HR management due to scattered, unfocused data

  • HRM software is a web-based HR management software, supporting jobs in human resource management such as recruitment, training, development and evaluation.

  • V-HRM provides multi-dimensional information about employees – personal information, skills, learning process, work experience

Phần Mềm HRM

  • At Skytech, there is always a team of experts in management, consulting for businesses .Standardizing and optimizing business processes of businesses

_ So products of Human Resource Management software developed and developed by Skytech always meet the management requirements. and bring management experts.

Software management functions on personnel profile:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Staff information

  • Family relationship

  • Join the union

  • Working process
  • Apprenticeship process

  • Probation process

  • Labor contract

  • Transfer, transfer

  • Salary process

  • Participating in social insurance, health insurance

  • Training process

  • Reward and discipline

  • Quit

  • Reports, statistics, search for personnel profile information

  • Print employee card

Salary management – General policy setting

Phần mềm HRM

* Definition of wage and salary norms

* Target definition and payroll formula

  • Periodic salary regulation

  • Salary calculation criteria

  • Deductions (taxes, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, …)

  • Formulation

  • Apply salary formula to units and divisions

  • Update arising data

  • Summary of timesheets (from attendance software)

  • Update the value of salary calculation criteria (products, subsidies, deductions, …)

  • Payroll
  • Prepare and print detailed payroll

  • Salary payment

  • Prepare and Print paychecks

  • Prepare and Print a general payroll

  • Report on social insurance, health insurance, personal income tax

  • Salary settlement

Timekeeping management

  • Connect timekeeping device

  • Definition of shift

  • Schedule work shifts

  • Automatic timekeeping

  • Manual timekeeping

  • Attendance statistics report

Quản lý chấm công

System management

  • Manage categories

  • Management and use rights

  • Set operation parameters

  • Backup and restore data


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