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Thiết Kế Website Bán Hàng Online

You are in need of designing an online sales website? You want your website to be beautiful and professional to attract thousands of customers right from the first login? You want to increase sales revenue not only in the direct store but also on the website as well as other online channels? And, you are looking for a professional online sales web design unit that can meet all your requirements? SKYTECH is committed to bringing you the best service.

Why do you need to design an online sales website?

1. More than 60% of consumers choose to buy products on websites

According to a reputable survey on the internet recently, although there are many consumers who are inclined to choose to buy on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram … But now, more than 60% of consumers Users still trust and prioritize buying products on the website.

2. Increase the advertising and business efficiency of the business

Using the sales website as the root, the advertising activities of the business ensure high security and stability, promoting the effectiveness of paid ads such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads … to reach customers. potential goods, supporting successful implementation of marketing campaigns to increase maximum business efficiency for businesses.

3. Provide customers with the most detailed product information

A professional sales website provides detailed product information such as ingredients, quality, price, promotions, contact … helps customers easily refer to information, increase trust in the authenticity of products, increasing the purchasing power of the business.

4. Brand image building

With the design of an online sales website, a ‘quality’ interface, capable of supporting convenient shopping shoppers, it will help win the trust of customers. Products and brands are easy to penetrate, making a deep impression on consumers. Make them automatically prioritize your product over other businesses’ products.

5. Cost savings

Sales website helps to save maximum costs for businesses when they do not need to rent premises to sell, do not need to advertise on the media, do not need to rent banner ads … Only with an extremely high cost Small for website design, you can reach potential customers easily, quickly and conveniently.

The main features of website design Online sales

  • Multilingual: With the function of integrating multiple languages, customers can add, remove or edit any language as they like on their website (unlimited).
  • Decentralized management: The main administrator can set the local management authority, decentralize, add, and edit management functions through the Administration page.
  • Search: Smart search bar helps customers find products / articles based on related keywords, supporting advanced search with multiple filters integrated.
  • Edit interface: Admin has the right to change the basic color and font of webiste.
  • Content Management: Functions to add and remove posts, categories, and edit posts.
  • Media Management: Admin manages, adds, edits images, videos
  • Discount, coupon: Add discount codes, custom promotions.
  • Backup & Restore: Backup and Restore data in seconds.
  • Earn points for purchases: Customize reward points for each order.
  • Product filters: Products can be filtered based on many forms (categories, brands, properties ..)
  • Google sitemap: Automatically create feed into XML to support SEO
  • News: Integrated news site, blog.
  • Gallery: Create photo albums and slideshows on the website.

Technology and techniques we use to design websites for Online sales

  • HTML5, CSS3: It can be said that this is one of the popular technologies from 2014, 2015 to 2016 that it really exploded in the Vietnamese market due to the benefits that it brings to both users and users. Online marketing campaign (in SEO).
  • JQuery: JQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. Data processing, animation and Ajax are much simpler with an API that works across multiple browsers.
  • HTML5: HTML5 is the core technology marking language of the Internet used to structure and present content for the World Wide Web. HTML5 is a modified version of the Hypertext Markup Language.
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile integrated websites.
  • PHP: PHP is known as a server language. That’s because PHP is not implemented on your computer, but on the computer on the page you requested.
  • CSS: CSS is the language to describe the presentation of Web pages. Includes colors, layout, and fonts. It helps a presentation to adapt to a variety of devices.
  • The website is optimized for mobile activities according to the most responsive technology in the world in terms of compatibility with operating systems.



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