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Production Management Software

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Production management software: For manufacturing enterprises, the organization of good production management is a very important but difficult problem. A good production management organization will help to control costs, reduce product costs, and at the same time be proactive in resources (raw materials, labor, …) and production time.

What is production management – Effective production management method

What is the production management concept

Production management is a stage of production and business activities associated with factories and workshops in the enterprise; participate directly in the planning and supervision of the progress of the production process to ensure the delivery of goods on time, meeting the requirements for quantity and quality standards.

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Effective production management method

  • Method of organizing the line: Continuity is a key feature of the line production. In order to ensure continuity, the necessary condition is to divide the production process into small work steps in the most reasonable order with a strictly proportional relationship of production time. Each workplace is assigned a specific task step. Therefore, the workplace is equipped with machinery, equipment and specialized tools, operating under a reasonable regime and highly qualified labor organization.
  • Group production method: The characteristic of this method is not to design technological process, arrange machines and tools to produce each specific type of products but to make them for the whole group, based on details. Summary selected.
  • Parts in the same group are machined in the same machine adjustment.
    Single method: Organizing production and processing products one by one or each small order. By this method one does not elaborate a technological process for each product but only general tasks.

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System Advantages Production management software

  • Helping businesses plan production plans
  • Human resource planning
  • As the price of the product
  • The system is capable of reporting, analysis, dynamic statistics
  • Control depreciation of raw materials and waste products

Production process management

Production needs

Production plan
Business plan
Orders (customers order)
Set production norms (if new products).
Demand planning Materials.
Production needs planning.
Production requirements (self-produced) or Processing requests (outsourcing).
Production order (self-produced) or Processing order (send outsourcing).

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Production statistics

  • Export raw materials
  • Production report
  • Used materials.

Manage production schedules

  • Production schedule of Team / Workshop.
  • Order execution schedule.
  • Implementation schedule of production plan

Quality management

  • Control the percentage of waste and secondary products by each production order and order
  • Evaluation and handling of nonconforming products.


Meet most of the management methods and needs of the business

Managing tasks and projects becomes easy

  • Production management software is a complex stage and plays an important role, directly affecting the development of enterprises. Many medium and large-scale manufacturing enterprises have chosen to apply the solution of production management software module – Calculating the cost of SKYTECH products to bring optimum efficiency.


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