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Document Management Software

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  • Document Management Software

Document management software is considered to be a comprehensive solution to help agencies and businesses effectively reform administrative procedures. Not only does it increase labor productivity, but document management software also saves significant implementation costs.

C-Office – document management and operational software is an electronic office solution that provides agencies and businesses with a collaborative working environment with more than 20 useful application features integrated. in the same system on the website interface. Serving all activities in electronic office applications.

Features of document management software

Collaborative and executive feature group:

  • Job management, job reminders: includes all executive jobs through the application of dispatch management, task management and project-related jobs, contracts … Summary of all jobs received from the superior assigned to, the individual work. Catch the status of handling the job, what job is due, what job is overdue …
  • Dispatch management: control and trace the entire process of incoming documents, outgoing documents, signing documents, internal documents of the organization, knowing which documents are being processed and not processed , overdue documents, where are “congested” …. Allow leaders, managers can use computers, tablets, smartphones to direct and manage the work. directly on electronic version through LAN and Internet environment. Total control
  • Managing work schedule: Managing schedules of leaders during the week and in the month. Manage company schedules, internal collaborative work calendars, shared resources usage schedules such as meeting rooms, public cars, projectors, etc.

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  • Group document storage management features:

  • Manage work files, project documents, contract documents …: manage all current or digitized documents stored on the system. Allow decentralized management, update, exploit, search … to each profile, folder, document in the file.
  • Manage an organization’s shared library of documents such as regulations, policies, procedures, instructions, forms, and shared documents.
  • Group of internal communication features:
  • Internal news site: Allows editing files, posting articles on internal news sites. Allows managing many different news categories. Support the most read statistics utility for the whole site. When users view the article, it is possible to display the article related to the article being read.
  • Internal Notification: allows the authorized person to send notices to all officials and employees in the organization.
  • Event calendar: allows you to manage event schedules for agencies and businesses
  • Internal phonebook: Manage information of officers and employees in the agency in the form of contacts with information: photo, full name, date of birth, internal telephone, mobile phone, department, position. ..
  • Integrated features:
  • Send reminders, notices, alerts via Email
  • Integrating MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook …)
  • Mining records and documents directly from My Computer
  • Integrated Scanner to digitize documents directly into the system
  • Integrate Fax to send and receive faxes from any computer
  • Send reminders, notifications, alerts via SMS
  • Integrated LCD screen to display calendar, news, notifications
  • Software version on a tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire)

Benefits of deployment, Application of QLVB-HSCV software

  • Overcoming the situation where it is difficult to control where documents are currently, how is the process of handling them? Who is keeping? difficult to track and control documents to be processed, being processed, processed, …
  • Leaders of agencies and businesses can monitor the operation of the agency so that they can direct and smoothly the work of the agency.
  • The process of receiving, processing documents and issuing documents is implemented mainly on computer networks, reducing processing time.
  • Processing and solving jobs with online job records will be done more quickly and simply
  • The online text rotation shortens the time for sending / receiving documents and the time for exchanging information


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