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Cheap Web Design “Prestige – Professional” in Da Nang

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Thiết Kế Web Giá rẻ

Cheap Web Design 

You understand the role of website and expect to rely on website to improve advertising effectiveness. However, are you sure that you fully understand the website and website design? The basic knowledge of website and website design will give you basic understanding of this interesting field

What is the website?

Website design You can come in contact with the website every day but not sure you already know these things. Website is a huge information sharing channel, people can see your website anywhere

In Vietnam in the US or anywhere in the world. Website address is the concept of domain name or domain name. Often websites are owned by a certain individual or business.

Website as a business office on the internet. All business activities, services, product images and businesses are fully displayed on the website. This is also a representative image for businesses on the internet, which is a place to communicate with customers when they need to use the service.

Not only that, the website is the place to show the style and characteristics of the business. Therefore, website design requires not only technical standards but also unique features that contribute to affirm its own characteristics.

Thiết Kế Web Giá rẻ

Why does business need a website?

No matter what product or service you are trading, do not ignore the following information:

More than 90% of Internet users search for information about products and services through websites.
There are more than 20 million Vietnamese people buying goods through the website.
Website breaks down all barriers of space and time, opening up opportunities for unlimited access to the online customer market.
Website helps you increase your competitiveness with competitors, create a professional image for your business.
If you do not have a website, or the website is not working effectively, you have pushed yourself behind your competitors.

The above situation is the reason why you need a website when doing business in any field. A good website will:

Create a professional image for individuals, organizations and businesses.
Offering unlimited sales and promotion opportunities, in terms of space and time.
Information is updated quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.
Accompany and rise above the competition.

Thiết Kế Web Giá rẻ

What features should a good website have?

1. Intuitive & Optimized Responsive Interface

First and foremost, the website needs to have a beautiful, attractive, friendly interface, suitable for the purpose of use as well as the industry and business field. In addition, the website needs to have a Responsive feature – flexible customization on many devices to meet the needs of users. This is a Responsive design, the website will automatically “stretch” to fit the size of many devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets… Responsive Website Design Design also needs to be reasonable, clear and user-friendly. Especially for e-commerce websites, responsive design needs to highlight links, purchase buttons, and shopping carts to navigate users most effectively.

2. Fast loading speed & stable operation

Website loading speed affects user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). According to research by, web loading speed has a huge influence on business performance, especially in the field of e-commerce. As follows:

47% of web users expect a website to have an average load time of 2s
1 second delay can lose up to 7% of revenue, that 1 second can completely delay web load time
During peak hours, 75% of users are willing to visit another website instead of waiting for a website to load too slow

Search engines also consider loading speed to be an important factor for website ranking, as it significantly affects user experience. In addition, an effective website must not only load quickly, but also always be in an “Uptime” state. This means that your webserver must ensure stable and continuous uptime.

In order to increase the stability as well as download speed, in addition to the factors that need to be optimized such as source code, images, the Internet … the quality of hosting plays a very important role. Therefore, many high-quality hosting providers often integrate tools to speed up the website such as using Cache, Web-server, using strong hardware, strong transmission line … You can base on the source capacity, quantity Average monthly traffic and your website field to choose a Hosting / VPS package or rent a separate server accordingly. That way, new users can access the content they want in the easiest and fastest way.

3. Standard SEO

The standard SEO factor often makes the  web design price  higher than usual. SEO is the process of optimizing a website’s rankings with search engines. In highly competitive industries, a website that is not SEO friendly is also considered a dead website. The SEO process is a combination of website programmer’s technique and SEO specialist’s strategy. This means that the SEO process is started right from the website building step, including:

Optimize on-page SEO: sitemap, optimize title tags, description tags, AL tags, URLs…
Cheap Website Design Responsive Website Design
Social media integration
UI/UX optimization (user interface and user experience)
Optimizing source code for page loading speed
Good compatibility with many browsers

Thiết Kế Web Giá rẻ

4. Easy Customization & Management

A website, especially a sales website, often has a lot of management features: such as order management, shopping cart, comments, content management, customer management… Therefore, custom operations and administration Website such as updating content, products, replacing banners, images… is a job that must be done very often. Therefore, the admin page should be built friendly, easy to use by even users without technical knowledge.

5. Safety, security

Website must put safety and security on the top, avoid being hacked, infected with virus/malicious code or being attacked by DoS/DDoS. In addition, the Website needs to be backed up regularly to minimize the risk of data loss. In addition, sales, e-commerce, financial … websites in general that use payment steps and customers’ personal data need to be integrated with SSL digital certificates to increase security. This is something you need to pay special attention to when choosing cheap website design services.


How to design website step by step?

– Determine the goal: First, you should determine what is the purpose of your website design? You want to design a website with the goal of introducing businesses, services or designing website for sales. Depending on the design purpose, you can plan preliminary strategies for your website.

– Select domain name: You need to select a good domain name so that customers can easily access and remember. This is a simple step but directly affects business performance for your business.

– Up to the overall layout: Outline your ideas about the website like how the website layout, including the main modules? How is the overall interface, the color and the dominant image?

– Determining the cost: Giving construction cost norms is also one of the requirements when designing websites. From there, help you choose the type of website that is suitable for the cost level you give.

– After identifying the above issues, it is also time to look for a professional website design unit to send your website design ideas.

Thiết Kế Web Giá rẻ

Platform for Cheap Web Design

Cheap Web Design with landing page

A time known as the trend of home users, users, especially those businesses with few products or want to promote a certain product, a certain program of the company, usually everyone. People who learn facebook ads then combine running facebook ads with landing quite a lot, the advantage of running facebook ads is that it doesn’t take the initial effort to block virtual clicks  avoid losing money when someone has no need click.

Simple design  among websites, landing page has a single page, all information is displayed on this page to help readers not to be distracted. Landing page construction time is extremely fast, low cost and very easy to do so you do not need to be afraid to design a cheap website.

However, because there is only one page, there are no other items, not creating many types of content, providing news to customers. Unable to SEO is a huge minus point for the website, seo website to the top this is the long-term way to go for businesses if they want to optimize costs and not depend on advertising. Without logically distributing content, if customers want to find more information or other products, it is very difficult and reduces the conversion rate.

Cheap Web Design with WordPress

As a free software developed in 2003, so far has been widely known for its easy and simple operation, users do not need to know the code to be too advanced, just need to know a little to be able to use it. . With free and open source, diverse interface languages including Vietnamese are very popular

For a better experience, you must use the paid version. WordPress has disadvantages that are also quite apprehensive while designing a website. The first is that the security is not good, making it very easy for competitors to break your website. In addition, the web can be slow to load, which is an error that causes users to leave because of the long wait. A plus point is also a minus point of WordPress, many supporting Plugins, diverse libraries, this is also one of the reasons why your website is slow if you install too many. And installing the Plugin is not simple, there are many people who have had conflicts when doing it, you should note.

Thiết Kế Web Giá rẻ

Cheap Web Design with Blogspot

Login is the simplest of the platforms, making a website, just need a gmail account to log in, you can design your own website. Born in 1999 with another name is blogger. There are 2 versions that are paid and free, free version.

Being “protected” by Google means that it is stored on Google’s servers, so the security is very high. Easy to do and easy to create content, but the classification management is very limited often errors, utilities are few, the interface is not diverse. In general, Blogspot is only suitable for individuals, making websites and those who do not have a lot of money for a website.




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