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Web Design Sales

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Thiết kế web bán hàng

Web Design Sales

To design web sales and make online sales work is no longer something too difficult as people still imagine. Online sales are increasingly easier when there are too many tools to support the sale and the website is what you need to think of first if you want to do business over the network.

The technologies and services on the Internet make users a strong growth. Most of today’s purchases use the Internet to search for information, reference purchases, commercial transactions, and electronic payments. So whether you’re trading any of the goods, the web design of sales is very necessary and urgent.

Importance when designing web sales

With the trend of buying and selling online is increasingly expanding, owning a professional sales website will make the business of the business is convenient, faster and more professional. And most importantly, according to many statistics, revenues obtained from online orders of many businesses today also account for 40-50% of total revenue of the whole system.

So you think you only need to sell items on Facebook, Zalo,… Is that enough? Are you sure that competitors are still running behind while new technologies are appearing daily, and they are also working hard every day and giving birth to their own sales website? Do not stop but become a pioneer in the online sales field. In the midst of the time that customers love to sit at home surf and buy more than to live view, the construction of a unique online sales website, professional will help companies and enterprises to assert their position in the market , no matter how active you are doing business in the field.

Benefits of Web Design sales

  • Update product information, fastest service, most detail to customers
  • Saving cost of establishing and maintaining shop through web design sales
  • Buy and sell connections wherever you are
  • Enhance your store’s scalability and performance
  • Professional sales without limits on time and space
  • Sales Website to help measure and check the quality of business better
  • Save time
  • Double or triple the revenue if you have a professional sales website
  • Reach the right audience for services, products you have
  • Do you want your service offerings to be easily searched for and approached by a new customer and potential customer?
  • Want to increase sales without raising costs?
  • Customers who are not yet aware of your brand or have difficulty with the website system is extremely complex and not friendly with search engines?
  • Don’t have a website or you’ve built a sales website, but not as effective as you wish?
  • Are you spending cost and time, effort, but have not found an effective solution for you to specifically invest in profits?

Thiết Kế Web Bán Hàng

Các module cần thiết của một website bán hàng online

1. Company Referral Module

2. Product Introduction Module, Service

3. Customer Partner Module

4. Product Management Module

5. Cart Module

6. New Product Module

7. Module Utilities, polls

8. Search Module

9. Advertising Module

10. Contact Module


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