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The importance of digitizing documents  today is not all businesses are aware of. Therefore, document digitization needs to be more widely disseminated so that everyone has a correct appreciation of its role

Digitizing documents is an extremely complicated job, to perform initial document digitization VNSolution will perform document editing, document classification, this stage takes a lot of effort because of the digital document warehouse. extremely large. After the editing process, the document will be scanned and updated to the digitized document management system. Finally, training and training on how to use, and exploit data in the most effective way from  Software.

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What is document digitization?

Document digitization is the process of converting traditional document formats such as handwriting, printouts, audio, images, etc., into standard documents that can be recognized by computers.

Typically, digital documents include data in the form of text, video, audio, images, etc. used on the computer and in a format that the computer can read.

Companies entering rental data online will help businesses do these jobs quickly.

Số hóa tài liệu


  • Makes storing, searching, and sharing information quick and easy.
  • Different types of digital documents can be converted back and forth flexibly.
  • Minimize costs for management activities, storage space.
  • Documents have the ability to be edited and reused.


  • Expensive initial investment in advanced machinery, IT infrastructure, modern technology.
  • Risk of being vulnerable to illegal modification and copying of documents.
  • Difficulty in implementation due to synchronous and systematic training. In addition, document security is also quite complicated.

In the current era of scientific and technological development, understanding the basic knowledge and benefits of document digitization is extremely necessary for every organization. Enterprises need to invest in researching applications of document digitization to take full advantage of its advantages and limit its limitations to maximize benefits for their businesses.


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