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Electronic Office software

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Electronic Office software

Electronic office software helps exchange information, operate, manage documents and work records quickly. As a result, you can easily receive and receive emails, notifications, photo conversations, referendums, reminders, schedule jobs, send and receive SMS messages, manage contacts, process documents, public records. job.

What is electronic office software?

  • E-Office is a software that fully integrates applications to serve the needs of managing, processing work files, exchanging information, operating operations, creating and managing documents and newspapers. to … to replace and modernize traditional information management methods.

Benefits of electronic office software

  • When the unit or enterprise applies an electronic office, everyone will use it in the same participating unit to be able to decentralize and clearly assign each specific job or task. This also depends on the characteristics of each company and business. However, with the use of leadership, it is possible to operate and manage jobs remotely from anywhere, at anytime, to manage the assigned tasks clearly and transparently. Besides, leaders also capture information and make correct decisions
    Based on that, managers as well as employees in the business can easily manage, search, search documents related to the job.
  • Moreover, members can track the progress, quickly grasp the assigned work, easily arrange work as well as remind, urge to give ideas for each content. Thereby the work progress will be monitored, all information will be transmitted quickly and timely to help improve job productivity.

Featured functions

  • Information group management
  • Decentralized to update news stories by newsgroup
  • Managing pending news
  • Search
  • Statistics reads by news article
  • Information group management
  • Decentralized to update news stories by newsgroup
  • Managing pending news
  • Search
  • Statistics reads by news article

Dispatch management

  • Managing incoming documents
  • Manage documents go
  • Internal document management
  • Workflow management
  • Track text reading status
  • Track status of word processing
  • Report
  • Administration dispatch function

Workflow management

  • Assign
  • Perform the work
  • Follow the work
  • Record and view report
  • Project management
  • Building a sample project
  • Project document management
  • Search for a job / project

Human Resource Management

1: The advantage of using advanced personnel

  • The manager does not have to open many different programs
  • Unify system users and personnel
  • Birthday notifications, salary notifications … come directly to users on the VPĐ
  • Online confirmation system for users on e-commerce office
  • By the mechanism of specific decentralization to different departments and individuals, the Human Resource Module is an
  • effective solution in human resource management and personnel related jobs will be much simpler.

2: Working process

  • Manage discipline and reward each employee
  • Managing information about incidents at work (if any) of each employee
  • Manage the position change process
  • Managing the process of raising (lowering) salary steps, eel level

3: Recruitment

  • Lets create job vacancies
  • Manage the list of candidates who have participated in the recruitment and have recruited
  • Allows the transfer of information of recruited candidates to employee profiles

4: Labor contract

  • Manage list of labor contracts
  • Classify signed and pending contracts

Asset Management

  • Asset management by asset type, by department / division used. Allows the transfer of properties between parts.
  • Track the status of each asset and its details such as the year of manufacture, the year of use, the origin of the product, the characteristics of the asset, the cost, etc.
  • Keep track of assets in use, assets being leased or leased.
  • Keep track of assets self-procured, donated, sponsored.
  • Make a public report on the situation of using assets at the unit.

The functions of electronic office software

Internal communications

  • Agency calendar
  • Personal calendar
  • Internal news
  • Survey – evaluation
  • Photo library

Communication function

  • Internal message
  • SMS
  • Web mail
  • Chating

Internal information transfer function

1: Internal message

Internal message function helps members using online office to exchange internal information quickly.

2: Main functions

Information group management
Decentralized to update news stories by newsgroup
Managing pending news
Statistics reads by news article


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