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Software design As required

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Design software on demand

When you want to use management software for your business. You will be faced with many choices such as: use the software of any unit. Should use packaged software or software design as required. This choice will have a huge impact on the management and operation of your business in the future. In this article we will show you the differences between on-demand software design and packaged software.

One of the factors that help businesses compete is innovation of production technology. However, to be able to refresh themselves, businesses will face a rather difficult problem. Currently the use of massively written tools and software does not match the requirements of the business.

Software design process as required

  1. Receive customer feedback

– Listen to customers’ opinions, analyze problems that customers are interested in.

– Consult necessary issues and arise when customers have not mentioned.

  1. Design interface templates and operations on the software when completed:

– From the management needs of customers will outline the interface after completion for customers. The displayed content as well as the function buttons on use. Location as well as color for customers before performing on the system software screen.

– When customers unify the interface of the company will implement the entire software system. How to operate again for all relevant personnel of customers.

  1. Implementation of software design

– End software unified implementation steps will implement software on each interface.

– Report progress for customers and for customers to censor according to previous designs for customers

  1. Software upgrade and maintenance

– Our company receives all information reflected from the software and upgrades to suit the purpose of business operations from time to time.

Distinguish between designing software packages and designing software on demand

1. Package software design

Packaged software is a type of software researched by software companies. Summarized from the survey of the actual needs of operations or certain areas of the business. From the survey information collected data and combined with the standards.

* Advantages

Because the software is built in general, extensive features can be applied in many places. Broadly for many industries, many companies have fast deployment times, and cheap prices.

* Defect

+ Because it is a feature built together for all units, there are still some missing functions. Packaged software usually only meets a small part of the entire operations of the business

+ With packaged software, businesses are less likely to require editing what they already have and only use the utilities that are being programmed.

2. Design software as required

It is a fact that most packaged software only solves a certain part in a series of management requirements of the business

* Advantages

+ Software design on demand is the software designed specifically for each function towards the specific needs and reality of an enterprise.

+ The software is developed by noting the idea of ​​the guest then the staff will record it fully and start working. In the course of use, if you want to upgrade the package sales software to add additional special functions, it is also possible.

+ Besides, the enterprise software ordering will receive the support quite well in the process of deploying the application and maintenance, upgrading the software …

* Defect

Time to design software on demand will be longer than pre-packaged software required by customers, then the software design unit will start embarking on programming the functions. Customized software design costs are higher than packaged software.


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