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Utility for websites on mobile devices

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trang web

A mobile optimized website is slowly becoming a design factor in terms of customer experience. By now we do most transactions and searches on our phones. Unfortunately, however, most websites are built to fit the look and feel of the desktop. So what is a mobile-friendly website?

trang web

What does a mobile-friendly website look like?

Reduce the amount of content

Not everything displayed on a desktop web page will fit properly on a mobile site, where space is limited and every pixel counts. It is important to reduce the amount of content displayed on the optimized mobile version that includes only the most important content or features.

It should be arranged in a single vertical column

The website is difficult to view on small cell phone screens. Even on smartphones like iPhone with their relatively large screens the standard web pages upload miniature so they can fit on the screen. Most of the text is unreadable until the user magnifies the part of the screen they want to see.

The font is easy on the eyes

Mobile-friendly websites will include fonts that are easy to read for mobile users.

The Sans Serif font with plain text is the easiest to read on a mobile device. Because glare and screen size can make novel fonts difficult to see clearly. And the other important thing is to choose the right font size. No one wants to have to read the text that is too small even when it’s in San Serif font.

Optimized media display

Check your images, infographics, and videos to ensure they are displayed correctly on phones and tablets, without asking users to scroll or resize their screens to view your media.



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