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One-stop-shop software

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One-stop-shop software

One-stop-shop electronic software is an application to computerize transactions between organizations and individuals with state administrative agencies and between state administrative agencies under the “one-door, one-stop shop” mechanism. information “to resolve administrative procedures.

In order to deploy the operation of a Lien Thong Single Window System, a team of experienced professionals is required. In addition to Software experts, it is necessary to have a team of experts in management (ISO Expert in public administration). The first step is for ISO experts to standardize business processes in administrative and non-business units.

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Benefits when using software

Deploying online public services means citizens and businesses can communicate with authorities 24 hours a day, wherever there is an internet connection. Transactions in the process of processing records and providing services are carried out on the network environment.

As well as the provision of online public services, the supply and deployment of high-quality OSS and public services at the administrative receiving and settling agencies in the province will bring Great benefits in the process of handling the work of public administrations related to people and organizations.

Accordingly, the purpose of implementing this software to support operational and operational activities in resolving administrative procedures for agencies receiving and settling administrative procedures in the province from the provincial level to the commune level.

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The modules and functions of the software

Module “Receiving dossiers of administrative procedures”:

– Receiving records

– Print a receipt

– Transfer records to specialized offices

– Print the list of records received and the dossiers solved

Subsystem “Acceptance of administrative procedures”: supporting the work related to the processing of administrative procedures of agencies such as:

– Assigning and accepting administrative procedures

– Update information on the situation of processing applications

– Update the progress of processing applications

– Updating document documents in the process of dossier processing

– Browse the profile

Subsystem “Approving the results of settlement of administrative procedures”
– Review the progress and results of the application

– Browse administrative procedure documents

Module “Returns results”

– Collection of fees for handling administrative procedures

– Return results of processing administrative procedures

Subsystem “Supplying and exploiting information on the settlement of administrative procedures”
– Process of processing administrative procedures

– Fee for processing administrative procedures

– Time to resolve administrative procedures

– Location for handling administrative procedure files

– Officials and departments deal with administrative procedures

Subsystem “Communicating with citizens”

– Look up the application process

– Look up the relevant forms in the process of dossier processing

– Look up the status of administrative procedure records

– Register the dossier, send the dossier of administrative procedures through the Internet



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