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GPT Chat Application Into Material Warehouse Management Software

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Chat GPT

With outstanding features, Chat GPT is considered as an “omnipotent” tool globally, which can even greatly affect many industries. So what is GPT Chat? Let’s explore and learn Chat GPT in this article.

Chat GPT (full name is Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer) – a chatbot developed by the startup company OpenAI has made the technology world interested in trying it out. The special feature of this tool is that there is a store of knowledge that  Chat GPT  has learned for a long time to perfect.

The application was launched in November 2022 by Open AI. It is known as the smartest artificial intelligence in the world at the moment.

GPT chat is operated on the GPT-3 language model. It allows support for information processing, dialogue, virtual assistants and other applications. The program can not only answer consecutive questions, but also detect errors and find ways to fix them.

Chat GPT

How does Chat GPT work?

The principle of how ChatGPT works can be understood quite simply, it will record the information you enter in the question, from which the meta-analysis relies on the data source in the system to give the correct answer.

More specifically, ChatGPT was born using the Transformer algorithm to answer the question. Transformer is a Deep Learning model used in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for text processing. In ChatGPT, the model is trained on large amounts of data, including text and question-answers. When a question is received, the model conducts text analysis and searches in memory to find the most appropriate answer. To ensure the accuracy of the answer, the model uses several techniques such as Attention and Masked Language Modeling to determine the importance of each word in the text and the question.

However,  ChatGPT is trained on the latest data up to 2021, so it only stores information up to that year. However, the model is trained on a large and varied amount of data, including historical, scientific, technological, cultural and many other fields, allowing it to provide accurate answers. on many different topics.

Especially note that the information that ChatGPT provides is not always worth consulting, use selectively and intelligently to develop well the issues that interest you.

Chat GPT

GPT Chat Application Into Material Warehouse Management Software

  • Based on the production plan of the unit, the material planning department will make a request to purchase goods and materials. After reviewing the right needs, we will proceed to select suppliers and enter purchases. Allows updating of materials requisition vouchers. The data of this voucher will be inherited by the materials department to help shorten the time to update the document
  • Allows management of quantity, unit price, value. Time of purchase of imported goods and goods supplier information
  • Allows to compare the difference between the planned replenishment of materials and the actual import of goods – materials
  • Allows management of general and detailed reports on import status. Statistics comparing the amount of goods entering the warehouse over time
  • Monitor the amount of self-manufactured goods entering the warehouse to supply to the market
  • Allowing the transfer of goods from one warehouse to another enterprise



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