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Furniture Supermarket Management Software

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Management software for furniture supermarkets, furniture stores is faster and simpler thanks to professional retail management software, ensuring to solve professional problems in a short time and bring the best efficiency.

Today, the development of commerce makes the need to apply sales management software to the business. Not only stores, chain stores or supermarket chains apply Furniture Supermarket Management Software, but also furniture stores. Deployment of furniture supermarket management software will help automatically update reports, control goods, save manpower, time in sales costs… its industrial and advanced.

Phần Mềm Quản Lý Siêu Thị Nội Thất

The main function of furniture supermarket management software

–  Merchandise Management

The grouping function helps managers easily track their furniture store through the characteristics of furniture goods, price information, goods are fully listed and stored in the software system. manage. Managers can be flexible and customize the way goods are divided into groups and categories easily. Updating goods information according to appropriate prices, product groups, and barcodes.

– Revenue management

Revenue is strictly managed by time such as day, month, and in real time. All figures are shown in detail, specifically through the revenue report.

– Debt control

Furniture store management software with strict and detailed management of debt, customer, supplier debt, thereby quickly sending debit note to customers and suppliers.

– Convenient and accurate warehouse management

Warehouse management is one of the necessary and important steps for any business enterprise. Furniture supermarket management software helps control actual inventory, quantity ordered and quantity sold but not yet shipped. Manage a multi-unit item, automatically swap units and manage inventory for each unit. Design and print barcodes for convenient warehouse management.

No need to spend time at the checkout counter: Sell faster through barcodes, quick search by name. Checking stock, selling price, promotion is simple.

Use sales statistics by customer to decide the selling price for each customer group and have a better customer care policy. When there is a reasonable customer care policy, customers will be more attached to the business.

–  Analyze data with dynamic reports

Easier to perform data analysis with dynamic reporting. This will help businesses feel more confident when making decisions.

Daily report: Help you capture the business situation of the business.

Multi-dimensional data analysis: By product, by customer, by salesperson… at the same time, you can view details of transactions that have occurred with each employee, each customer.

– Store manager

Helping owners of furniture stores and kitchen cabinets manage operational information. Reduce loss and fraud, and manage employees better:

Check activities through transactions: Purchase, Sales, Exchange or return goods … reduce loss.

Ensure employees work seriously and effectively even when the manager is not present at the store.

Special features of furniture supermarket management software

– Dynamic

Customize operations on the system according to the business characteristics of the field it is operating. Easy to manipulate, upgrade and edit product information, customize reports, support two-way communication with excel and access.

– Speed Accuracy

All operations are performed quickly through intelligent programming software system, data calculation system based on absolutely accurate input information, the ability to process with new technology to increase speed, Maximum saving of human labor, supporting cost savings.

– Security and safety

The data is automatically backed up, the ability to assign user rights to each function, save the traces of data deletion and modification, and save the information of the reporting objects. It is possible to ban all or part of a user’s rights when viewing business reports.

– Ease of use and convenience

Friendly interface, easy to use even for those who have never been exposed to the software.

– Multi-code barcode technology

Barcode technology is used more and more widely. Therefore the goods will be used multiple barcodes. Furniture store management software supports barcode printing function according to new technology, integrating mobile devices and hardware devices to ensure business operations are simpler and easier.



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